Daily Archives: January 26, 2011

Waiting for my Rocket to come …

Picking out a Blog name.  Holy Shamoly Bat Man, what a chore!  I finally have a blog.  I was asking for creative input as to what those who know me thought My blog handle should be.  I will post those at the bottom 🙂

Why have a blog?  I’m not a famous person who always has wit on the tip of her tongue.  I am not a great writer who never got to that book.  I am not the person who is desperately trying to get attention from the world.  Nope, I’m just me.  A woman in my 30’s whose life isn’t anything she had expected it to be.   Not in  a Million years.  Not in One hundred Million years.  You get the picture.

While a senior in Highschool I would have told you there are four things I could see myself doing .  1.) Elementary Teacher  2.) Archeologist  3.) Single Mom  4.) Foster Parent.  Well when I graduated, I had ZERO desire to start-up school again.  So 1&2 were put on hold.  I know 3 sounds so messed up.  My Momma was a single Mom and she was Amazing!  My own personal savior.  I thrived watching her Strength, Independence, Self Sufficiency & Success.  Of course I wanted to be just like her.  4 is just a life characteristic I have of wanting to “Save the World”.  I was a foster parent for a few years many years later, but that is a whole other blog.

Today I am a single Mom.  With a twist.  I have two Angelic souls living with me.  My daughter Pippi, 9 and Son George,7.  Both of my children are Autistic.   It has been a whirlwind.  I have never met anyone else personally who has multiple Autistic children in their family.  I know they exist.  So because of this I have learned to talk about things that others CAN relate with me on,   In fact, I tend to create delusional places with my Non-Bff (a whole different blog to explain that one).  I ponder much randomness.  Simple things amuse me.  So this blog is me inviting you into my world.  My crazy antics of staying sane.  (With the help of Tequila and Prozac.)

“A Curbside Prophet with my hand in my pocket just waiting for my rocket to come”.  A line from a song from the flawless Jason Mraz.  The one thing that can pick me up after anything… his music.   I actually was honored enough to see him this summer .. a concert he will NEVER forget ( another blog for a different day).  Thank you for reading to the end of my introduction 🙂

A Curbside Prophet

Other handle suggestions.  Paddle sister, Bam Bitchin’ Sister, Fairy Duster, tap dance the evil away, A day in the life of …, Just shut up and Listen, Patience Grasshopper, Peanut Gallery, The Coffee Shop, Spontaneous Combustion, Moon Beam.