Daily Archives: January 28, 2011

Get off your Toosh!

There was a television series that only ran a  year or so, called “WonderFalls”.   It was BAM to the Bitchin’!  In every episode an inanimate object would talk to this girl, Jaye.  Guiding her in a very Non-direct way to help someone.   There was a wax lion with a smushed head, a brass Monkey, a stuffed bear along with many others.  One of my favorites was a pink lawn flamingo that Said “Get off your Ass!”.   A phrase my BNFF Libellula and I would be saying plenty, until the day my Son repeated it, and then it was quickly revised to “Get off your Toosh!”

We then proceeded to acknowledge all Inanimate objects as having their very own “life Force”.  Herbie, is my Lover.  He is my coffee pot and he gurgles sweet nothings to me each morning.  I have had him 3 years and he has NEVER let me down.  He serves me my “other” blood to ensure I am always the best Momma I can be…  you know, the kind that never gets a full nights sleep yet has a boat load of responsibilities that can never be pushed aside or put on hold.  Libellulas’ coffee pot is named Bentley.  Then I also have Ruby, my sparkly red microwave.  Kia, my Van.  Max, the toaster.   We are one big “messed up” family.

I have no idea where I am going with this.  Just wanted to share.

I just think if you focus on and appreciate all of the wonderful things you have, your life looks a lot more happy.   I am always so thankful for things that most probably take for granted.   Each day, my children and I sit together and talk about what we are thankful for.   Extra Bubbles in the bathtub, cozy socks, the snow, Pizza day at school, new books from the library and I absolutely cannot forget my Son is VERY THANKFUL FOR HIS Wii!  I think it helps keep us grounded.  I want my children to focus on the “good” more than the “not so good”.  A positive perspective and an open heart can give you the “richest” life.

That’s all I got!  Have a safe and Happy weekend!  Be very thankful!

A Curbside Prophet