Cliffs of Insanity …

I am quite a Movie Buff. Especially 80’s Movies!  LOVE THEM!  The title of this blog IS in fact, a line from a fabulous 80’s Movie that has a dreamy actor in it (before his time).  Who is actually one of the 6 people I follow on twitter!  Anywho! I am going to take you to a delusional place that I hang out with Libellula at.  We shall name it “The Cliffs of Insanity”! Dun Dun DAH!  (It sounds so much cooler when I say it out loud) 🙂

You know when it feels like the world is crumbling around you.  Or like you are going to explode from stress, pressure, expectations etc.?  You may be ready to go on a bender, bitch slap anyone that gets too close or Ram your fender into the bumper of the next person that looks at you wrong?  That exact moment is when Libellula and I call each other and say “I am standing at the edge of a cliff & I need you to talk me down”.

Now, please note, this is a hypothetical cliff.  Neither of us have any intentions of actually committing suicide.  We tend to visit “Metaphoric Lands” to work through things in our life.  All I am trying to do is show you an alternate perspective to dealing with “crap”.

Moving on, when this call happens.  We first grasp our bearings and say “ok well, jumping isn’t an option today, so let’s grab our lounge chairs and sit at the top of the cliff and work it out”  So mentally we do that.  Then we usually talk about bringing tequila because DUH it goes with everything! (weddings, funerals, graduations, nights away from kids, nights with the kids, garage sales, Spring cleaning, wrapping presents … you get the picture).  SO there we are… hanging out on our patio chairs, tequila in hand ready to talk.  Another detail I should mention about this cliff is there actually is a HUGE trampoline at the bottom of it, so even if we did decide to jump, we would simple bounce back up.  That’s just silly because a drop like that would spill your tequila and HELLO?!?!  That isn’t cool.

Now when we talk, we have always been able to figure things out.  Even if it means pretending the trampoline is broken and we are pushing those idiots that made the mess in the first place off of the cliff.  Timing can also change our actions, for instance, if I am sleeping and Libellula is ready to jump.  You bet your sweet t00sh I will be there to help her, but if my ass is tired I am not about to get off my patio chair to stop her,  I will Tie the chairs together & tell her if she goes I guess we both are going.    Than we imagine our selves bouncing on patio chairs with tequila in hand.

I know this sounds ridiculous.  Having your own place sometimes though, that you have full control over, really can make things better.  You should try it. HYPOTHETICALLY try it.  I am NOT telling anyone to take their life or the life of anyone else.

Much love to all of you! Stay Warm my Wisco Friends!

A Curbside Prophet

P.S. 10 points to anyone who can name the actor 🙂

3 responses to “Cliffs of Insanity …

  1. another good one i can really relate too this one i find my peace full place at least once a day and i love when you share thumbs up and my guess Patrick Dempsey and the movie cant buy you love i have a second guess but i dont want too hog the guesses love ya bunches keep the good work going 🙂

  2. the Prophet’s rush of words made sense…

    —through the window destined thee
    …give to innocence my quest…
    …seek, protect the faithless Dragon…
    …tame the unicorn of stars…
    …the Father’s curse of broken threads
    …that through your deeds I may be me, and you return and wiser be…
    Love you….more

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