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What would your name be on my contact list?

Today I’d like to share with you, that which is my contact list on my cell phone.  I first want to Thank Ms. Libellula for so graciously letting me join her family plan.  Without it I would have no cell phone. 🙂 xoxo!

When I received this pretty ruby-red maroonish-like piece of technology, I fell in love immediately.  At the time I lived 2000 miles away from everyone I knew and only ever talked to 4 people on the phone.  Libellula, my Momma, my Brother and “the Raven”.  I am a very private person, not that I have anything to hide.  I decided that I would not put any names in my contact list.  I would simply create a word or phrase of who that person is to me, depending on our relationship or life experience with that person.

As weeks go on I slowly start adding more and more people to my contact list.

My support coordinators/teachers/therapists for my children: Mouth breather, kind helpful heart, Bed head Fred, Ms. NDAW -never does anything wrong, Mr. Repeater, What is ABA?  lady, Pacifier Stealer, Drank thru college, Angel face.

My Family: Beautimus Cuz!, Meeeesh Ele, Grandpa sweetheart, Lily Blossom, Chef Kathy, Computer whiz S, Birth Dad, My Favorite Barry,  GG, Mar-velous,  Big Mak, Tree house.

My Friends: Libellula, Bam, Lake not pond, Douche Bag, Navy, the Raven, Vodka Queen, Chicken Strips, Chef Bruschetta, Villa Brother, Mother Goddess, Kell bell, Buckethead, biker dude, Tattoo brother – young, Tattoo brother – old, not Fred, Duece, Shed Baby, Charlie Brown,Coley cole, Cota, Drummer Man, Fabulously Famous, Guru, Hampster, Jay Mac,

Then a month ago I am going through my phone deleting contacts I no longer need and I realize I have 6 “assholes” in my phone.  ~~ Villa Asshole, Selfish Asshole, NC Asshole, Ultimate Asshole, Assholes Sister, $50 Asshole.  This made me laugh.  Why even keep these numbers in my phone you ask?  So I know NOT to Answer!

There are so many little things one can do to fluff up life a bit!  Just asked the restricted life lady… ME! 🙂

What would your name be on my contact list?

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