My Memories with Hans <3

My first High school boyfriend & first love passed away yesterday.  My heart is hurting.  It is so terrible that so many people from my generation are leaving this earth.  We are just too young to die!  It is really hitting me hard and making me want to tell everyone how much I appreciate them being in my life, so there is never any question.  I want to share some memories I have with this great Man.

He was the first Man to tell me that he loves me.  I was a freshman and he was a junior when we met and he would whistle at me all the time!  I’d get so embarrassed. We went to homecoming 1991 together.  For dinner I went with all of his older friends to the olive garden and it was non-stop laughing.  We had a race around the table in our chairs that had wheels on them.  Hans and a few of the other guys pretended to be waiters at other tables, and people fell for it because they were all dressed up.  He ordered the “Tour of Italy” platter and wanted me to try everything.

We would go to a lot of away games just so we could ride the bus together and play kissy face there and back.  I froze my ass off at many a soccer games!  It was so FUN!  We were in marching band / poms together and the crazy stuff that happened there I will take to the grave 😉  We went to the Bahamas together my sophomore year with the Marching Band.  I remember him sleeping in the middle of the aisle on the floor in the bus on the way to Florida and there was a toothpaste incident.

I wrote amazing poetry when we were together.  He was such a fabulous spark of life that could inspire anyone.  We took a lot of Moonlight walks.  It was our own world.  Everything else disappeared.  I remember always thinking he smelled so good and he would swear he wasn’t wearing anything (cologne) and it was the Tide his Mom washed his clothes in.  He loved “The Cars” and would always say “this song is for you, and this one and this one”.  Eventually giving me the CD and the ever popular “everything I do” by Bryan Adams,  that was “our song”, took a back seat to “Just what I needed” and “Since you’re gone”.  He wrote me a fabulous love letter than I ended up framing and hung up in my room.

I remember buying him the “Public Enemy” tape and he was SO EXCITED!  I would always steal his necklaces and wear them.  I remember him wearing one in a senior picture and I told him he better guard it 🙂  He was such a good trumpet player.  I hope he knows I cherished all of this with my whole heart.  That my best high school memories had him in them.  I had a lot of family crap in high school and he made all the bad go away.  Even though I was young, I know I really loved him.

It’s crazy that this was 20 years ago!

So today I think I need to spread the “appreciation” I have for those who have made me who I am today.  Maybe I will start with my 387 facebook friends.

I will Miss you Hans, but I am finding peace in the fact that now I can talk to you whenever I want.  xoxo

A CurbSide Prophet

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