Natural Born Groupies!

My Elberta BNFF and I are making a reputation for ourselves.  I thought it was a good one, until last night.  I know I haven’t been to a “now days” concert.  ie Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers etc.  But I am pretty sure somebody there will have a sign that they made.  To say the one phrase that will separate them from all of the other fans for that evening.  Maybe even get personal validation from that of whom they love.  Also I think there is a big difference between a Concert and Show.  A Stadium/Hall vs. Bar/Club.  Just go with me here.

Well, last night I went to a “show” in a bigger “club”.  They had 2 opening acts followed by a headliner.  The place was awesome.  The most fabulous staff EVER!  I was probably one of the top 10 oldest people there. *blush*.  There was no age requirement this night.  It was full of Flannel shirts and PBR and some niiiiice looking country boys.  The first band, Gunnar and the Grizzly Boys freakin’ rawked! (Yes, Gunnar is his real name, I carded him after the show and fyi he is a Leo)  I have NEVER in my life seen country music played so passionately.  Every one was going wild, it was awesome!  It was music that you never had to have heard before and couldn’t stop from lovin’ it.

Next up was the band we were actually there to see.  Her and Kings County.  My BNFF from Elberta listens to the drummer on a podcast regularly and wanted to support his music.  His name is Brother Love aka Brolo.  So when the first band finished up we grabbed our home-made signs and started making our way towards the front for him be able to see.  While waiting, about 10 feet from the stage, we are surrounded but lots of younger people who I’d like to refer to as “8th graders”.  The band starts setting up, not playing just setting up, and when we see Brolo we scream and hold up our signs.  At this point I start to get yelled at from behind “put your signs away” “we paid for our tickets and we can’t see”.

Well I am a very kind and patient person, I have to be with 2 autistic kids. I turn around and assured those behind us that we know the drummer and just want him to see our signs and then we were leaving.  That we were not there for the headliner and we weren’t trying to ruin the musical experience they paid for as well.  I kindly reminded them that there was no music playing and we were trying to accomplish our task before it even started because as older women, being in the heart of the mosh pit isn’t cool for us.  So then I was told  “get rid of your signs” “we paid for our tickets” “you need to move”.  After they just repeated all of the problems I just offered solutions to. I then realized I was amongst 8th graders.

Please note, I was in 8th grade at one time.  In fact my parents didn’t like me then as much as I didn’t like them.  I however, was raised to respect my elders.  I also listened to resolution instead of constant banter with no purpose.  Anywho, so then this one little girl steps up to me & says “you need to move”.  Well I am 5’9 barefoot… and last night I was wearing 4 inch heels.  This little girl was about 5’2.  So I am trying not to laugh and trying to think of the best way to handle this.  All I can think of though is “Girl even without my sign, you won’t be able to see the stage”

After about 15 minutes of this I am just tired of hearing the shit.  This is supposed to be my break from kids.  I should be getting paid to stand here.  I leave my BNFF /Elberta to fend for herself, where later I find out they tried Ripping her sign but didn’t get very far with her fancy foot work.  My BNFF/Elberta has climbed Kilimanjaro.  Do they know how to spell Kilimanjaro, or know where it’s located?  Good Luck defeating a raging blond on a mission.

The rest of the night was lovely!  Met some great security people.  Met BOTH opening bands, got Autographs, pictures & a drum stick! Her & Kings County were the most gracious people.  ALL OF THEM.  Kind and witty and full of heart!  I would travel again to see them.  I highly recommend them as people and artists!  They truly are “living the dream”.  As far as my BNFF / Elberta and I go, After Jason Mraz, we seem to be unstoppable.  Even without duct tape, chloroform and Astronaut diapers.

Don’t forget to live your life, but be respectful while doing it!  Karma bites your ass hard 😉

A CurbsideProphet

One response to “Natural Born Groupies!

  1. angsty teenagers +great music+shenanigans+brother love=the best night EV-ER!

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