Happy Birthday My Sweet BNFF.

“May the 4th” be with you;  Because on May the 5th, 1976, the world would never be the same.

May 5th, aka Cinco de Mayo, is the birthday of my infamous, one and only,  BNFF.  Usually I write a witty poem full of inside jokes and sound effects.  This past year has been a most difficult one for my BNFF.  (both of us really).  We both are much worn down, pulling ourselves back up, dusting each other off.  Without each other we’d probably both be laying in a ditch somewhere.  We now live 2000 miles apart from each other and there’s no way to sugar coat how much it Friggin sucks.

In the past, Birthdays were a day of movies, alcohol and food… LOTS of food.  ALL take-out / delivery.  Mexican, Chinese, Italian & JUNK foods.  Monster Squad, Momma Mia, Sherlock Holmes!  Tequilla or boxed wine in a Jar.

I love my BNFF.  She is the most gracious, generous person I have ever met.  She trys so hard to be a good person.  She is my Sister from another Mother.  I don’t remember how I lived life before she was in it.  Moving back home after so many years has taught me a lot.  Most importantly.  Quality friends are few.  I thought it would be difficult living so far apart now.  Really though… almost a year later, it’s still like I have never left.  Only both of us drink far less. Which I am sure our livers appreciate.

I am so very thankful the higher power has given us each other to lean on.  I hope everyone finds what we have within their lifetime.  I cannot imagine living without it.  I am thankful for the laughter we can find in ANY situation.  I am thankful for the tolerance we both have for our “human errors”.  I am thankful for the acceptance she has for my children.  I am thankful for the storms we calmly float through.  (Unless there is a prozac deficiency, then we may push each other off the side of the boat at times .. with a life jacket of course.. just maybe throw the jacket in a wrong direction:))

I am so glad you were born Sweet Libellula.  You are my own personal blessing from up above.  Thank you for being alive and taking care of yourself!  Thank you for being stronger than you believe.  I am looking forward to us rocking on a porch after out-living our husbands and arguing whose grandkids scratched the tub with a keg of beer.

You are the single flower that can Bloom and Grow anywhere! (even a parking lot)

You are NOT my Best friend 🙂 I love you!

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