Branching out.. wicka wicka

It’s been about 9 months since I moved back home.  I have reconnected with so many.  Some of us have grown apart.  Some of us are closer than we have ever been.  Some of us are  the same as we were 10 years ago.  Now that I am standing firmly in my social place I am ready to seek the unknown.

I’ve always been one yearning to learn more.  Meet more people.  Every person I connect with knows something that I don’t and I view that as a blessing to quench my thirst for knowledge.  I can learn so much from any person around me.  We have all taken our own path in life.  We have different stories from our journeys.  Different successes and failures.  All making us who we are.  To be able to get a glimpse of someone else’s path is like reading their own book.  Becoming one with the characters and feeling their emotions of their journey.

The past two weeks I have been “experimenting” with acquaintances.  I have been reaching out to those who I know, but aren’t close to.  Those who I have learned to respect through Facebook and watching them in parallel social situations.  Craving to learn what life experiences they have lived through to make them such honorable people today.  Wanting to learn from their wisdom.  Some have let me in, others give a kind reception, but are unsure why I would want to hang out etc.  I know I too might be sceptical.  I have been hurt many times and it’s difficult for any person (especially in a small town) to NOT have in the back of their mind that there may be an ulterior motive.

I have been branching out with hopes to find others who live in the same mind-set as me.  That maybe could relate to my life’s situation and to hear their stories.  I want to surround myself with others who value the integrity I live by.  Quality is rare & I am seeking it out.  I have heard “Always make the best out of every situation”.  Here I am in this small town searching for those who could add Quality to my life.  Who I could learn from and Share with.

I must make clear that I don’t think I am better than anyone… Just looking for people who like to Hunt while living in a land of vegetarians. (metaphor only).   So if you’d ever want to meet for coffee or have a healthy night-time phone conversation after your obligations go to sleep, I am here.  I believe healthy conversations can be a blessing to our self-worth.  It doesn’t have to be long.  Sometimes you just need someone to listen, right?

Have a great Week ahead.


One response to “Branching out.. wicka wicka

  1. Mary Jacobson

    Glad you are back! I look forward to your blog just to see how things are going in my home town. I don’t miss living there. probably because I come “home” so often. One of my Sunday trips will have to include meeting up with you for coffee or a play date at the park. : )

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