Time to update the gratitude list.  Every few months or so I write a list of things I am thankful for that seem to be the solidarity that got me through those past few months.  I then hang them on my refrigerator and read them every time I get a cup of coffee.  I also put a clue of something I wish to manifest.   A goal, but in a spiritual cosmic way.  

I find that this helps reset my mind frame to what I really want to focus on.  There’s always frustrations and troubles, but I choose to put my energy into the gratitude I hold in my heart.  I forget this sometimes.  

I have always been a thankful person.  About 5 years ago I was reading an article about my Favorite Musician/person, Jason Mraz and he always talks about gratitude and even hangs out at a place in California that is called the “Gratitude Cafe”.  If I was a millionaire I would open one up here in the small town I live in.  There is always something to be thankful for.

I am going to share with you my old list to maybe inspire you to write your own.

❤ ❤ 6000 ❤ <3.   ~ My manifesting line.

I am grateful.
I live with gratitude.
Thankful for the Papleton family who has unconditionally helped us so much.
I love my children and our new home.
I love my family.
Thank you higher power!

I guess at the end of the day, this list is all that really matters.  As I read the list above I notice it does sound vague and generic.  My real list has names of people who the higher power brought to me.  My own angels on earth.  The coolest thing about this list is that there are no rules and it can be anything you want it to be.  It's your heart on paper, put your mind and emotions aside and think of the core of your soul.  The source of love of your existence.  It doesn't have to be detailed.  Just enough so when you read a line you instantly feel the love/gratitude you hold.  It's like a memory you cherish that you can still feel the emotions tied to it.

I wish you all much love and gratitude.  Let yourself feel the love and gratitude you hold deep.  It is part of you that we all so often forget to embrace.

Warm fuzzies and twinkle lights! 

2 responses to “Gratitude

  1. Love this! GRATEFUL for the sweet gentle reminder!

  2. ~♥~

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