ONLY fools rush in…

Only fools rush in.

Well even if wise men say that ONLY fools rush in… I am going to have to agree with Elvis that “I can’t help falling in love.”. I love how love feels.  I love the feeling of being wanted and of sharing life experiences with someone special.  
Last weekend a Man I have been talking to for almost two months through an online dating site and phone calls, drove 900 miles to go on a first date with me.  It was completely flattering.  
In the past I have been the woman who makes excuses for men I am dating.   I end up with men who need saving or who have a low self esteem or self worth.       The ones who nobody has ever told them that the possibilities in life can be endless with enough hard work.
I need to make it clear that I do not love this new guy after one date.  I’m not rushing that fast.  I did however have so much fun for 39 hours straight.  To have someone my age who shared so many interests with me was like my own amusement park.  We went hiking, toured the town, walked the pier, visited the family cottage and built a fire, saw an owl up close, went to my daughters ballet class, went to the farmers market, visited friends, had dinner with family, carved a pumpkin, watched a movie, played cards and talked about everything under the moon! ( just to mention a handful of things.). It was the first time in a long time that I was “Tiffany”.  I love my children, but man it sure did feel good to be me!
The one epiphany I have had after much reflection of my weekend is that, I have always been with men who talk a good game, but that’s as far as it goes. This man is shy and reserved and will answer a question if I ask, but when it comes to schmootie boo he holds back.  What is new for me though is that he takes action.  For instance, after our fabulous weekend he doesn’t say “I miss you already!”.  He instead says “Today I researched the many different ways to get to your house Tiffany and I will buy tickets to go this way for 10 days out to come visit again.”. Then he does it.  
Please know he is sensitive and I have NO question of his feelings emotionally for me.  It is just different than I’ve ever experienced.  It only took me 34 years to find a man who DOES what he SAYS, that I am not related to.  Hopefully by sharing this I am not jinxing anything.
Here I am now, trying not to go to fast.  I talk to him once a day and am eagerly awaiting his return.  I don’t want to be the fool that rushes in but I also find it difficult to not get excited.  

Words of encouragement accepted 🙂

With heart full of hope,
A curbsideprophet

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