Has Evolution taken over my body?

I moved here a little more than a year ago and my diet has remained the same. I am more active than I was in the desert and I drink less. I have removed anti-depressants from my daily routine which were to be said to make me gain up to 30 pounds.

Here I am weighing the most I have ever weighed in my life. Not just an additional 10-15 pounds, but I have gained THIRTY pounds since my move here.

I am now finding peace in the fact that my body is adjusting to its new climate. If I am living a healthy lifestyle and this is the outcome, I am just going to surrender to the “Evolution theory” my mind finds peace with.

I have to live a long life for my children’s well being and so I will do my best to ensure that.

Goodbye Frustrations.

A CurbSideProphet

p.s. I am not pregnant 😉

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