I usually only “blog” schmootie boo my BNFF Libellula on her birthday, but these past few months I have been missing her most incandescently. Have you ever found yourself believing in others more then they themselves? I seem to have a skill for this. I see the greater good in the most lost of souls.

My BNFF has come such a long way. She has conquered battles in many of life’s “countries”. Doing what is right and not what is easy. She is aware of her actions and how they impact the world around her. She knows the boundaries of integrity and stays within them being the best person she can be. The most important trait I love about her is that she never gives up. She has come close, but even then I would argue that it wasn’t about her “giving up” but more that she ran out of ways to fight back. I am so very proud of her and wanted to share with the world!

A CurbSideProphet

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