And now I wait…

Being still and waiting.

And now I wait…

Today I received an acceptance email of my resignation. My immediate emotion was RELIEF! I’ve been clearing out my office and giving oodles of products away to my favorite people. I feel like I can finally breathe. All the “ish” that was hovering, is gone.

Then something strange happened, I started getting sad. Like a sinking feeling in my stomach. But then I realized I wasn’t sad, I was scared. New beginnings can be terrifying. And yet, I have ZERO regrets. I am done!

I have the most amazing, perfectly – made just for me – Mother. Through all of my bouts of depression, she can unlock something inside me that helps me crawl out of the darkness. She reminded me that God is taking care of everything.

Gosh just saying that out loud over and over brings me so much peace!! The Lord himself is taking care of EVERYTHING.

She also said that after every big shift there is a waiting period. It could be months or years. But also, to enjoy life while I am waiting for inspiration.

So here I am, 45 years old, walking away from something I built for the past 7 years and ready to do whatever the Lord has planned for me. Complete surrender.

Don’t worry, He is taking care of everything…

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