Daily Archives: July 19, 2022

Trump the Anger

Small but Mighty

I am a short storyteller. I like to invoke feelings and make people think. My stories aren’t life-changing, but blips in my life. If they inspire one to ponder or give warm fuzzies then my mission is complete!

Your mind is an incredible thing. I wholeheartedly believe WHAT we put in our minds can change our whole deminer that moment. ( I say this so often, please hear me out… again) For instance, watching a scary movie or any book/movie about anything that negatively affects a child, is going to mess me up for daaaaays. Yes, I know it is just a book/movie, but that negative energy just hangs with me. So I avoid it! Just another example of how I protect my space by controlling what’s in it.

So let me tell you a story.

My littlest little is struggling with anger issues. He’s at this life phase where he can’t do everything his older siblings do. He wants to be included and hasn’t had as much practice so doesn’t get the results they get and then ~ an Anger Tornado whisks him away to a land of frustration.

We attempt to talk it out with him and sometimes it works, but other times he is at the point of no return. So one day I sat him down and told him the next time he gets upset, instead of saying “I can’t control my anger!!” I want him to say “I CAN control my anger, I just need more practice!”

Being 8, he thought I was ridiculous! Why say that? I can’t control it yet?!? I told him that the funny thing about being a human is if we say something enough times, we start to believe it and our whole mindset will change. So even if he can’t now, he will soon!

So now I get a super angry 8-year-old screaming “I CAN control my Anger, I JUST NEED MORE PRACTICE!”

What is something you can start saying to yourself?