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My Autism Story, Part Three.

Practically Perfect in every way.

The next 6 months were filled with intense early intervention.  This included speech therapy (individual and group), music therapy, behavioral health, occupational therapy, sensory integration, oral motor therapy, gluten-free diet, joint compression, brushing skin, the 3 days a week at school, and case management. 40+ hours a week inside and outside our home. I jumped in head first willing to do whatever it took to help my daughter beat the odds. 

October 18th, 2004  The day our lives changed, and yet nothing was different.

The 6th-month wait for the pediatric neurologist was over.  Trinity was diagnosed as severely autistic.  The appointment itself was a blur.  What I do remember is after it was over I sat on the curb of the parking lot of the clinic and cried my eyes out.  I focused on the curb as my mind raced.

 Why is this happening?  What did I do wrong?  What kind of life will she have?  Will she ever have her first dance? Kiss?  Are children and marriage for her completely out of the picture?  Will society ever be able to see the light inside her that shines the way I do?  Will she live with me forever?  Will she be happy?  Who will care for her when I am gone?  How can the sun be shining so bright and the day be so perfect?

I called my mom and she and I cried together.  She reminded me how much more will be available to her now with the diagnosis and that nothing has changed.  She is the same as she always has been.  Everyone’s initial reaction was sad, but then we all rolled up our sleeves and faced this new journey head-on.

I will be sharing Autism testimony every Thursday.
I have 21 years of experience.