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What We’ve Been Reading Wednesday!

These are a few of my favorite things.

I have been reading a LOT! My husband has been out of the country for work, my depression days have been floating over my head, and I found a REALLY good series to get lost in & escape!

Here’s What I’ve got!

A Virgin River Christmas A Novel A Virgin River Novel 4 – (Marcie & Ian)
The minimalist in me loved this story. A cabin in the redwoods with a bathroom outside. Serious roughing it.

Second Chance Pass, Virgin River Book 5 Spoilers – (Paul & Vannie) Ugh the Netflix “Charmaine” story showed up but with a different couple. I hated that story then and I didn’t like it now. There were a half dozen more stories within this book and Muriel made an appearance. ☀️ I love seeing Jack and Mel, Preacher & Paige, Ricky, Brie & Mike in them all.

Temptation Ridge: A Virgin River Novel Book 6 – (Shelby & Luke, Walt & Muriel, Cameron & Abby) So so sooo good. One of my favorites of them all! So many good stories and relationships! One VERY sad death (a person in the Netflix show 😭) I’m just in love with all of the humanity☀️💛

Paradise Valley: A Virgin River Novel Book 7 – ( Rick & Liz, Dan & Cheryl ), 😭😭😭 This book was amazing, but be warned of triggers for post-war themes. I LOVED this – maybe because I have been invested in all of these characters.

Sunrise on Half Moon Bay – I scooped up this book while waiting to get my next Virgin River book. It had a good review and the story was good … BUT I have issues with betrayal, liars, abuse, and cheaters and it’s not something I like to read about on purpose. I enjoyed the character transformations within the story. I however felt that one of the main characters dragged her feet – it reminded me of Bella from Twilight trying to decide between Jacob and Edward! JUST MAKE A DECISION ALREADY!

The Berenstain Bears Pirate Adventure – Xander and I cannot seem to return this book. It makes us laugh hard and has some of the best pirate phrases on this side of the equator.

What’s on deck?

What are YOU reading?!?