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A Day FULL of Blessings

A sketch by Faith L. Sanders April 23rd, 1973

So many blessings today that may seem insignificant to most. I will share a few and leave you with a verse from a poem by my Grandmother.

  • A call from the home office asking me to stay. Saying I have built something strong and acknowledging my hard work and success.
  • A UPS driver on the side of the road took a package of mine and saved me a 20-minute drive!
  • Watching a movie with my Middle Little. (We have completed the MIB series!)
  • Really expensive Mud that I put on my face that was on SALE!
  • A friend who is an amazing listener.
  • A NEW book started – If you liked Luke on Gilmore Girls, you may want to start reading this series!

Part of a poem by Faith L. Sanders

July 21st, 1983

If only we had cosmic minds,

I’m sure that we would see,

that what to us is chaos

to God is orderly.