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Powerful words

One of Jen Fudge’s beautiful friends.

I remember in the ’90s watching a movie with Ann Margaret and how she said speaking to flowers will help them grow & thrive. I researched later and saw The Royal Horticultural Society did a study saying it indeed did help them grow faster. Then there were many articles about Prince Charles talking to his plants.

It makes sense to me. After all, plants are living things. It brings me peace when I talk to mine. Just putting good out into the universe.

There’s a quote that says “If speaking kindly to plants helps them grow, imagine what speaking kindly to humans can do!” ~~ Powerful stuff right there.

I am really intentional with my words and use them to lift people up. Acknowledging their hard work or a beautiful smile. It takes mere seconds for me and will stay with them much longer. AND it’s FREE!

Let’s make that a goal for the next 24 hours. Speak kindness over someone for no other reason than because it’s a good thing to do and will start a positive ripple effect! If you are looking for extra credit, say hello to a plant or hug a tree! Spread that appreciation vibration out into the universe!

In a Different Time.

A sketch by Faith L. Sanders, April 24th, 1973

Allow me to share what my recent experiences have been so you can better place my mind frame to start something new. I don’t expect anyone to fully understand how I can just walk away from stability with no solid plans, just big dreams and abide-full listening to my heart/soul’s desires. AKA Holy Spirit Led.

Faith, my grandmother’s name was Faith. She was part of the generation when ladies were encouraged to learn to draw, play music & write poetry.   I connected with her on a deep level because we both struggled with depression.  She was an incredible composer, musician, writer, artist, & bird aficionado.

A few weeks ago, my Mom and I were looking through old picture albums and came across some journals of hers. They aren’t’ like a “spill all” diary, but a place where she went to share her days and write poetry about her thoughts.

I have never been more inspired than after reading half of the first journal. I want to share her cleverness with the world. She made me laugh out loud, ponder deeply and feel love~ All with words she randomly threw together during her day.

I love words.  I love making people feel, think & desire to grow to the next level of themselves. She did this with only a few rhyming lines. Here is a poem she wrote on a random afternoon, in the same spot I found my peace last month, 39 years ago.

Tuesday, July 5th, 1983

“When nature spreads her bountiful garment

Over warm waiting earth,

There’s a lush green growing glowing goodness

gradually giving birth,

To an attitude of praise and gladness-

a feeling of presence near,

Within, without, all round about

An unreasonable aura of cheer.

A glad-to-be-alive sensation,

Unfathomable sense of high elation

Of taking part in Love’s creation

In the blossoming time of the year. “

By Faith L. Sanders