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Soup Season

It’s 7:30am and the entire house smells like Easter ham 🥰

I have been making soup the past few weeks despite it still being in the High 80s and 90s. I started making soup years ago because it was a great way to feed the kids and me on a very low budget.

I often say I was born in the wrong generation. I think because I went without for so long, I have become a person who doesn’t like to waste anything. It’s similar to the years of the great depression when your coffee is weaker, you add more water to the soup to make it last a little longer, leftovers are thrown together to create a casserole or pot of soup~ or we freeze it to use in something later on. I still live like this today. My husband often reminds me that it is no longer necessary for me to keep the 1.5 cups of shredded chicken from taco night – but I do. For Taco Soup or Dorito casserole in the future. (Ziplock Company will stay in business because of me and my addiction to their freezer bags.) During the pandemic, my friends often joked that they would be staying at my house if things got really bad because of how I am with things like this.

Today I am simmering the ham bone from our 2022 Easter Ham in a pot of beans. It will make about 2 gallons of Bean and Ham soup. I will keep some out to eat for the next few days and freeze the rest for the winter months. I don’t really use recipes. I also REALLY like to know what is in my food and so I try to keep it to basic ingredients. Stray away from preservatives. (Not looking for a debate, just very aware of what goes into my family’s bodies) We also make homemade bread in our bread machine 5 days a week. (Xander is on a toast kick right now) ~ the same thing, with ingredients I can pronounce. Those recipes I will share later on. 🍞🥯🥨🥐

Here’s the core of the ingredients for three of our favorites:

Bean & Ham Soup ~ Ham Bone, Dried 15 beans, Onion, Garlic, Salt, Pepper, Water.

Baked Potato Soup ~ Baked Potatoes – scoop out the inside. *Baked potatoes taste different than boiled potatoes… fight me LOL*, butter & flour for a roux, onion, bacon, garlic, milk, whipping cream, salt & pepper. ~ Sometimes we add cheese too!

Veggie Beef Soup ~ Veggies you have in your fridge or canned veggies, a gallon of V-8, taco seasoning, water & whatever beef you have frozen or in your fridge from leftovers.

You don’t have to be a chef or culinary pro to be able to make a delicious soup. There is something satisfying about creating something from raw ingredients. Maybe these three will inspire you to give it a whirl. ~Perhaps research recipes with actual amounts until you get the hang of what your flavor palette enjoys.

If you are already a master in the kitchen and looking for a new soup to try, here are some of my friends’ favorite recipes.

Sausage Tortellini Soup

Cabbage Roll Soup

Slow Cooker Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Have a favorite soup recipe?! I’d love to try it!