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Whisk Me Away

The Gulf of Mexico at the Mississippi Coast.

This past weekend my husband whisked me away to Biloxi, Mississippi for one final recharge before the kids went back to school. Hence why I didn’t post Saturday & Sunday. It was a lovely weekend.

  • I walked the beach with my husband & put my toes in the water which was so warm.
James wrote our names in the sand.
  • I read the book Virgin River, which is HUGELY different from the Netflix series! There was definitely more GOOD in the books and waaaay less drama.
  • We ate delicious food. My favorite place was TBT – The Blind Tiger ~ a tropical oasis on stilts overlooking the Gulf. I also had the best milkshake ever at a Whataburger that was “Banana Pudding” flavor. I think I gained 5 pounds. (I KNOW I gained 5 pounds)
  • We stayed at the Beautiful Beau Rivage Hotel. It is one huge butterfly atrium.
  • I took many naps & splurged on room service.

It was a really nice getaway. It was just super HOT! I am not cut out to be a southern girl. I crave the deep woods, snow, and wearing lots of layers.

It’s always good to come home. My generous mother-in-law gave me a table easel for my paint-by-number addiction and I have a cozy area in my sitting room now to paint. I am currently working on a scene in London.

My little corner of creativity.

My life has never looked like anyone I have ever known so I am used to doing what works for me. Piles of books – The ones on the mantel are what I have read this year. (not including audio or digital) The ones on the stoop of the fireplace are my TBR. IYKYK. Of course, I have twinkle lights, artwork, and furry friends all around me. What you don’t see is Frank Sinatra, Louie Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald softly playing in the background. I hope your space gives you warm fuzzies as mine does for me.

And I’m leaving, on a jet plane…

At Nashville Airport waiting for my flight~ Hydrating up!

One of my favorite places to go is Las Vegas, Nevada. The ONLY downside to it is that it is a 4+ hour flight from Nashville to Vegas (without layovers). I am a bigger girl so that is uncomfortable. Also, as I’ve aged, I tend to use the restroom more. Oh Gosh, this is turning into a geriatric whining session.

Let’s redirect.

The flight there :

The passengers on this flight are “most of the time” either traveling for business or people hollering “Viva Las Vegas!” I’ve seen bridal/bachelor parties. Couples running off to get married. Lots of girls’ trips with matching t-shirts. A plethora of poker players & high rollers. There’s an excitement in the air ~ An anticipation of what could possibly happen. After all, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

During this flight, I enjoy playing Texas Hold’em or blackjack via the screens on the back of the seat with the other passengers. (This is ONLY fun on the way there lol! There is a whole different vibe on the way home)

My friend Jen Fudge – while sporting her neck fan to stay cool, takes this time to sort through her 20,000+ photos (not a typo) on her phone & delete what she doesn’t need. You know, the screenshots you never delete right away, TikTok videos she had to share, etc. ~ Honestly she would need a 32-hour flight to Australia to accomplish that task fully.

The Flight home:

Sleep. I think 75% of the passengers are exhausted and most have stayed up all night~ before the flight. There are literally people sleeping at the airport gate Every Single Time. Going from Central/Eastern time to Pacific time is NO JOKE! I went to Las Vegas FIVE times last year and if there is ONE TIP I have that will help you enjoy your trip it is: NAPS ARE YOUR FRIEND! Seriously, take a nap every couple of hours. Especially if you are in your 40s and drastically suffering from the time change and overstimulation.

On the way home I like to watch what I downloaded previously on my iPad and pray to the Airplane Gods there isn’t a little person diagonally behind me that I have to hide my screen from or then I read. That is if I haven’t finished my book already while lounging by the pool.

I am not sure what my point is of this blog but it’s a story that takes you along on my adventures and who knows, you might feel better prepared for your next trip to Vegas!